Stylish Backsplash Ideas to Enhance Your Kitchen

An eye-catching kitchen backsplash adds visual interest while protecting walls from food stains and grease splatter. From subtle colors to vibrant hues, here are stunning kitchen backsplash ideas to get you thinking.

Metal backsplashes add modern flair and work well with both rustic and industrial kitchen styles. A metallic surface that mimics wood will help create an inviting aesthetic.

Subway Tile

While white subway tiles are timeless classics, you may also wish to experiment with other shades for a more personal design. Gray backsplashes work beautifully when combined with neutral cabinetry and can help break up large open kitchens that might otherwise feel cold and impersonal. Or opt for beige tiles as Jen of Effortless Chic did when she upgraded her modern kitchen using this approach.

If you want a dramatic look, try using long subway tiles in an innovative herringbone pattern to draw eyes upward and make any room seem larger – an effective strategy in small kitchens! Black grout adds another touch to create depth while drawing attention away from vertical wall space; in this kitchen by deVOL Kitchens this look pairs beautifully with butcher-block countertops and sleek wood hoods for an eye-catching design solution.


Marble is an elegant choice when it comes to backsplash options, offering both matte and glossy finishes for a stunning aesthetic while being heat resistant. Choose a color that compliments the counters for an integrated look.

An eye-catching backsplash adds depth and character to your kitchen. Hexagonal or herringbone shaped tiles add visual interest, while subtler designs like chevron offer subdued elegance.

For those who favor more modern aesthetics, glass mosaic tiles in neutral hues or metallic finishes that reflect light are great options for creating an eye-catching backsplash design. Green shades have recently seen an upswing and you can add splashes of this trending color without overwhelming your kitchen space. By angling mosaic tiles strategically along your backsplash you can make it truly standout from others.


Herringbone patterns are seen everywhere from hardwood floors to tile backsplashes, adding texture and interest to your kitchen while complementing various color schemes.

Herringbone backsplashes don’t just need to be created using white or marble tiles – other materials, like natural stone or even metal can also be used. The unique pattern adds character and style to your kitchen from modern farmhouse.

Herringbone patterns often pair well with neutral tones; however, when used with darker hues like black countertops and cabinetry they make a striking statement that stands out. Here’s one transitional kitchen that does it right with herringbone tile backsplash featuring black countertop materials and cabinetry for an eye-catching contrast!


Black and white checkerboard patterns add timeless style to any kitchen while being versatile enough to work with different design styles.

This popular kitchen backsplash idea is also an effective way to inject some color into your design. Choose bold contrasting hues or more subdued hues; either will make your cabinets and countertops come alive!

Checkerboard patterns have become an integral part of kitchen decor, including soft furnishings like area rugs and curtains, soft flooring (such as area rugs) and furniture upholstery ( such as arm chairs). Checkers are even making an impactful statement through collage styles used for upholstery on accent chairs and other furniture pieces.


A backsplash provides you with an opportunity to add color, texture and pattern without the commitment required by cabinetry. Selecting one made of the same material as your countertops can create a uniform appearance.

Alternately, consider kitchen backsplash ideas that add contrast between countertops and cabinets – for instance, mismatched marble and tile can add visual interest and provide variety in a kitchen space.

Though seemingly small, a backsplash can have a profound impact on a room. Finding the ideal kitchen backsplash idea can unleash your creative side and turn a functional space into one that showcases your personal taste – the key is choosing something that complements rather than conflicts with the overall theme of your kitchen.