Ways To Bug Proof Your Home

While some people are frightened by bugs, other like them. A thing is for sure, not many people like to have bugs in their houses. They create unsanitary conditions and they can also be really annoying, especially when we are talking about the itchy bite of a mosquito or the buzz of a fly. Fleas, mosquitos and ticks can carry diseases and bees, wasps or scorpions can cause painful stings.


The cockroach can be a major allergy contributor and also the cause of asthma attacks. By knowing what attracts bugs to your home, you can make changes that will help in getting rid of them.

In order to survive, insects will need food, water and a shelter, just like a human. By eliminating the food supply and getting rid of their shelters you can reduce the risks of insects invading your house. To prevent any kind of infestation, you will have to keep bugs away by sealing up the cracks and gaps in your home exterior.

Seal your doors

A properly sealed door can keep all the insects outside. You will be surprised by the high number of unsealed gaps you will see in your entrance. If you want to keep the insects away from your door, it is advised to install a threshold. You can look for a sweep. This is a small device that can help you in covering all of the gaps.

Add screens

We don`t like when the insect annoy us when we are enjoying the fresh air. This is why you need to install screens in doors and windows. You will see that a screen installation is a simple thing to do and it will only require you to use basic tools. If you have broken wires, try to use a screw driver to put the broken wires into their right place.

Yard maintenance

Especially when it comes to mosquitoes and fleas this activity should always be done. If you eliminate pooled water in your yard you will manage to eliminate the mosquito population. Aerating the lawn can cause the water to be better absorbed by the soil. You should also maintain regular drainage channels such as gutters and drains.

Sealing cracks

Sealing the cracks of your home can be one of the best ways to bug-proof your home. If a pencil can slide through a crack, a young mouse can do it too, as can a lot of insects. Check the exterior of your house and pay attention to all of the openings you find.

Check the wall penetrations

You can fill smaller gaps using pipe sealants or caulk. For larger openings take in consideration to try expandable polyurethane foam.

Eliminate clutter

This is a great way to keep bugs outside. If you eliminate clutter, unprotected food and water, the bugs should leave your house and continue the search for food and water elsewhere. A cluttered house is an easy breeding ground for bugs. Insects can reproduce in a really big number, before they are even found. This is why you should keep the clutter to a minimum level.