Three Great Ways To Decorate Rooms With Neon Lights

Neon lights are pretty good when you want to add an artsy, fun twist to a home. When you first think about it, you might believe that the idea is tacky. After all, neon lights are meant for night clubs, right? Wrong! You can always use them in interior design and come up with something really special, as long as you use them right, of course.


Contrary to popular belief, adding neon fixtures to a home can sometimes be expensive. It is not uncommon to spend around $200 on a custom fixture. Fortunately, you can always find some on Amazon that would match and you can be creative. Most homeowners do not spend more than $60-$80 on the neon lights they need. This is actually for the complex designs.

If you want to decorate rooms with neon lights, here are 3 suggestions to consider.

Create Ambiance With Neon Words

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This is definitely the easiest and most common way to use neon lights in interior design. You can also use LED lights that make up a word for this. Spell words that create a desired mood. As an example, some words that are really common with neon lights are:

  • Dream
  • Welcome
  • Love
  • Be Happy

You can also add song lyrics, inspirational quotes and even outlines of things you love, like a dog or the moon.

Use Neon Lights To Accent Items

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Neon lights are really good at putting an accent on some items you already have in your home. For instance, one of the really common design elements in a gaming room is the use of neon lights or LED lights to create a focal point around the computer desk. Just like that, you can use neon lights to accent wall art. Art pop items look simply great with some neon lights around them.

It is so easy to use some neon lights in order to add glow under furniture items. In a kitchen, for instance, you can add lights glowing under cooktop islands. Colored lighting is common under cabinets when trying to get more accent lighting. Neon works well in such situations.

Use Neon Lights To Create Futuristic Spaces

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This is more complicated but it is something that can help in various cases. For instance, you can add some neon vertical lighting in order to create a true futuristic design. This is, again, something that works great in a gaming room, but it is not restricted to that. It is really interesting in den areas, man caves and artsy bedrooms.

One thing you could do is to add some neon lights that are thicker and that are available in straighter bars. Sometimes, even electricians or professional remodelers work really great in creating a good environment.

No matter what you choose, be sure that the neon lighting you add is well-constructed and installed.