You Can Buy The Brady Bunch House For $5.5 Million

Brady Bunch House

Did you love the Brady Bunch ABC series? If so, you can now own a part of TV show history as the Brady Bunch house is being sold by HGTV. The house is available in Studio City and was bought by HGTV for the amount of $3.5 million. The company then added almost $2 million in renovations. This included a 2,000 square feet home addition.

The famous Brady Bunch house can be seen in Studio City, LA, at the address of 11222 Dilling Street. Warner Bros. Discovery bought it in 2018 and the network went on to gut the interior and renovate the façade. The investment also completely recreated the yard, bedrooms, kitchen, and living room based on the TV show. Previously, the sets were only available at Paramount Studios, Stage 5.

Originally, the house was listed for $1.85 million in 2018. HGTV bought it and decided not to knock it down. Instead, it renovated it and now wants $5.5 million for it. A part of the money received will be donated to charities fighting US hunger.

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Featured Image by Anthony Barcelo through Compass