12 Open-Plan Living Room Ideas

If you are looking for some open-plan room ideas, you came in the right place because I am going to give you some really interesting room ideas for you to try out. It is very easy to create a cosy living room and today I am going to give you some ideas.

All white living space

In this open plan room, you will need to select furniture with the same color palette. You can add double doors, parquet flooring and a fireplace in order to give the feel that your rooms is spacious.

Oversized patterns are a great choice!

Oversized patterns are great for a large open-plan living room. Those patterns are a nice way to add some interest to minimal furnishings. If you decide to add a coffee table and some contemporary chairs you will give this room a James Bond vibe.

Statement artwork and cushions

If you want to brighten the space you can choose a palette of muted whites and paired-black neutrals. You can easily spice up your room with some wall art and bold cushions.

Bold wallpaper and furniture

Contrasting furniture and feature wallpaper will add interest to your scheme. If you have a bigger room, you can decorate it with a daring statement print. A butterfly design is an idea that you can use.

Linking accent color

A combination of styles, eras and colors will give the room its own distinctive style.

Symmetrical open space

Large windows are a great choice for open-plan living rooms. You should take advantage of a symmetrical fell because it will keep the space looking cohesive. Some vintage bowls and photographs will add the air of sophistication you want.

Oversized artwork

The furniture and accessories can sometimes look lost if the apartment is very spacious. You can solve this problem by going for statement pieces such as a nice floor lamp, a mural or a bold geometric rug. You can try some grey stones for the flooring.

Mediterranean-inspired living room

A pale wood floor will reflect the light from the windows. The hits of strong yellow from the light will make the room look glam, not gloomy.

Platonic-chic living room

The seaside views are reflected with accents of blue and the colorful rug and sofa will liven up the white look.

Mid-century style living room

You should pay close attention to the materials you use especially when this open-plan living room is designed for your family. Take use of family-friendly materials such as concrete flooring or timber and bricks on the ceiling. You can choose the biggest sofa for your space and add it to the room. This design is great when guests come over.

Grey tonal living room

Always keep the interiors ultra-simple with a single strong color. Soft charcoal and white was used in the making of this grey tonal living room.

Jungle-themed living room

You can embody all safari related things by adding textiles, lashings of foliage and olive tree stumps to the living room. You can also add a plaster screen instead of the outdated natural rock fireplace.