5 Important Questions To Ask When You Want To Buy A House

When you find a house you like and you have the money to buy it, you are tempted to think that the hard part of the process is over. This is not actually the case. You now have to tour the house and compare those that fit your initial criteria.


Remember that every single house you will find on the market has some sort of problem. During home inspections, you will find something that should be repaired, modified or replaced. In many cases the adjustments are minor but you might end up faced with major structural issues that will cost a lot when you want to tackle the repairs. This is why you absolutely need to perform the inspection and you have to ask questions. Some of the really important ones are presented below.

How Old Are The Home’s Major Appliances?

This includes air conditioning, kitchen appliances, water heaters and everything else. Some want to buy fixer-uppers since they love DIY projects or the budget is low. Even so, is there enough money available to replace the major appliances?

Before the offer is made, you need to know what replacements will be necessary. As an extra tip, if there is a water heater present, see if it has an appropriate size. Nowadays, most buyers do not want a house where not enough hot water is available for the entire family to have a shower.

Were There Major Renovations Done?

You want to know what work was done in the past and when this was done. Also, you should know if it was legally done or not. Many new homeowners figure out after they buy that renovations were done without the legal documentation in place. If this is the case, the financial burden that appears in the future is huge. Would you want to have that beautiful family room addition torn down because it was built without approval?

Was Water Damage Present In The Past?

Liberty, KY, June 3, 2010 — The water line caused by flooding of the Green Riveris still visible inside this home a month later. FEMA is assisting the Commonwealth and local governments affected by the flooding in early May with recovery efforts. Photo by Liz Roll/FEMA

You do want to know if the new basement is prone to flooding or if problems appeared in the past due to burst pipes. Water damage is very difficult to deal with. If they often happen, structural issues can appear. If previous water damage was present, you even need to see if mold is now present.

What Is The Age Of The Roof?

Even if the roof looks stunning, you still should ask this question. The home inspector always checks this because of the fact that roof does have a “shelf life”. For instance, asphalt shingles usually last 15 to 20 years.

The reason why you want to be aware of when the roof was installed is that roof replacements will easily cost you thousands of dollars. Do be aware of the material that is used and check shingles to see if they are solid or they just look solid.

What Type Of Foundation Does The Home Have?

Image From: JTech Construction

When the house does not have a basement, is there a raised foundation present? These do offer really easy access to electrical and plumbing conduits. You will often find slab foundations with new buildings. When this is seen, you do want to know what was present on the land before this home was built. When land is wet or past wetland, you might end up faced with serious dampness issues in the future.

The bottom line is you should never believe the seller of any home. Look for a house inspector like eastsidehomeinspectors.com and perform your own inspection.