Samsung Redesigns Luxury TV Packaging To Be Re-Used As Cardboard Cat Houses

Samsung Cardboard Cat House

Samsung is taking very interesting steps with its packaging. The tech giant designed eco-friendly packaging for many of its luxury TV sets. They allow customers to transform the cardboard boxes into items that are useful inside the house, like book holders, magazine holders, entertainment centers and, our favorite, cat houses. This packaging is available in the Lifestyle TV lineup.

The new packaging was introduced with the obvious reason of limiting waste. The company also declared that it tries to encourage recycling so packing for The Frame, The Sero and The Serif can now transform.

Boxes from many products now include a matrix design. It is dotted so that the customer can cut along clear lines. Dismantling becomes simple so recycling is faster. Alternatively, if the customer wants to, the packaging can be reconfigured.

Every box also includes an instruction manual. It teaches you how to make an end table or DIY shelves. You have to scan the box’s QR code in order to access a building guide.

It needs to be added that Samsung partnered with Deezen, which is a well-known British lifestyle magazine. The goal is to award customers that create practical and unique designs from this new eco-friendly packaging. Those that win get the designs incorporated right into the included instruction manual, together with a nice price of $20,000. The competition officially ends on May 29 and you can enter HERE.