7 Interior Design Trends That Need To Die

Whenever talking about interior design trends, there are many that are ugly, bad and good. You will be tempted by all of them. Since we are sure that you want to choose some design trends that are great and that are modern at the same time, you need to start by avoiding the trends that are no longer great. You want to stay up-to-date so be sure that you avoid the really bad decorating practices that are presented below. They have to be avoided because they do not look great and there are always better options that are available right now.

Faux Paint

The use of faux paint was quite huge during the nineties but it did make a clear come back right now. This is for no real good reason. The truth is that it is unnecessary, DIY and really crafty. We can also say that it is ugly. You can easily go patterned, striped, solid and more. Just do not use faux paint.

X Rugs

There is nothing wrong with the rugs that you see used these days in interior design but they are simply overused. They are simply everywhere. You find them on Amazon and on Walmart.

The big problem with rugs used in interior design is that they can so easily make everything look common. You do not want your home’s “heart” to be something widely available everywhere else. With this in mind, just avoid the rugs.


Sleek, beautiful molding does not deserve the tattoo inspired decals of the nineties and they should not be present on the home’s walls. In the event that you absolutely want to add some decals, be sure that you go for contemporary, grown-up silhouettes.

Inspirational Signs

You are tempted to believe that you will be inspired when you keep the inspirational and motivational signs on the walls but this is just a really bad interior design trend for both senior sand children. It is close to impossible to take the décor of a home seriously in the event that there is cheesy signage art that is all around it.

Anything Upcycled

There are countless horrible DIY upcycled furniture items in homes from all around the world. In most situations, they look really cheap and incomplete. As an example, having a ceiling height ladder inside your home is practically useless for the room.

The Farmhouse Style

If you want something that looks chic and shabby, the farmhouse interior design style is not at all a bad choice. However, it is something that you want to skip on. There is way too much of it and you do not actually need it, unless you live in an actual farmhouse. Never add barn doors to your home since this is way too theme oriented and has no real benefit.

Mason Jars

Last but not least, please do not use mason jars in interior design anymore. They can be useful for various basic functions but they are really bad-looking when it comes to most rooms where they are used. Simply put, mason jars are just too young and living for most homeowners from around the world. Mason jars should only be used when you want to store something. They should not be used for decorative purposes.