The Former Firehouse Turned Into A Colorful Boutique Hotel

Tourists that visit the Arts District in Los Angeles have numerous options available when it comes to museum-hopping, retail therapy and dining. Simply put, entertainment options are numerous. Now, something even more special is available, with the Arts District Firehouse Hotel opened up. This hotel simply made everything more colorful.

The Firehouse Hotel is independently owned and appeared after a former firehouse was revamped. The original building dates back from 1927, being a firehouse since 1980. Then, it ended up being an installation space. Eventually, the idea to make it a hotel appeared in 2016.

This hotel is presented as an LA Love depiction, thanks to a collaboration between ETC.etera designer Sally Breer, Creative Space’s Tyler Stonebreaker and Lancaster.

The hotel’s ground level features 2 bold red firehouse doors. As you walk in, you reach brightly-colored, comfy seating areas. Obviously, there is a bar/restaurant area and you can stay in different rooms, with different themes and decorations.

At the chic hotel’s ground floor you can also find a coffee/café bar, a patio (covered) and a retail boutique. At the second level you can find 9 unique and stylish guest rooms including kitchenettes, all painted in some colorful shades that range from indigo to green and from violet to yellow. Every room is retro elegant.

The available suites range from 220 to 555 square feet. 3 of them have separate bedrooms and living areas. Other 3 are built in a way that they can be combined to become a master suite.

If you want to stay in an individual guest room, get ready to pay at least $295 per night. However, be sure to check the official Arts District Firehouse Hotel website for extra booking info and availability.

Photographs: Aaron Haxton