What Can You Do Without A Building Permit?

Usually when you add extensions, conservatories and other additional structures to your home you need planning permissions. This doesn`t mean that you will always need these permissions and you will see that there are many things that you can do in your house without a planning permission. A lot of projects can be done under the Permitted Development Rights.

If you take advantage of the Permitted Development Rights, you will only have to focus on the project without the need of any planning permission. Up next, I am going to show you some of the permitted things that you are allowed to do in your house.

  1. Moving Windows and Doors

Adding new windows doesn`t normally need any planning permission

  1. Using attached buildings like garages

You can add garages to your home under PD. You can do so without increasing the overall footprint of the dwelling.

  1. Single storey Extensions

You should keep some things in mind when it comes to single storey extensions, such as:

  • Similar materials
  • Rear extensions which must be no more than 4m in depth
  • Side extensions – you should pay attention here because these extensions must be bigger than half of the width the original dwelling
  1. Roof lights

You can add lights to your roof, but you should pay attention to the extension of the roof. After you add the lights, bear in mind that the lights shouldn`t expand the roof size more than 15 cm from the roof slope.

  1. Conservatories

When it comes to single storey extensions, orangeries and conservatories have to deal with similar rules. The conservatories usually are fairly modest in size and they can be easily built without any planning.

  1. Porches

Usually the PD doesn`t allow you to build any extensions forwards of the principal elevation. If you follow those rules, you can make some porches without the need of a permission:

  • Don`t let your porch be taller than 3m
  • Keep your porch two meters away from any highway
  • The ground area mustn`t exceed 3m²
  1. Gates, Fences and Walls

You should keep in mind some limitations when you are looking forward to add those to your house:

  • The height shouldn`t be higher than 1m when you are near a highway
  • Don`t exceed 2 meters in height
  1. Decking

It is a well known thing that a platform that exceeds 300mm would require a planning permission. Garden decking and other similar structures won`t require any planning permission and you can enjoy building it without bothering about this.

  1. Swimming Pools

If you like swimming, a swimming pool is a great idea for you and your family. Under Permitted Development rights you can build your pool within your garden. You should know that the pool shouldn`t exceed 50% of the area of your garden.

  1. Solar Panels

They can also be added without any PD. You should take in consideration that they don`t need to exceed more than 200mm beyond the plate of the wall.