Lagares Church – You Won’t Believe It Is A Church by FCC Arquitectura

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the Lagares Church is definitely not a church. Luckily, there is a cross that tells you differently.

This church is located in Lagares, Felgueras, Portugal and was designed by FCC Arquitectura and covers 1615 square meters.

Obviously, it is never easy to design a church. There is always a fine line between mythical expressing and innovation.

According to the architects, the ideas that they got initially appeared when visiting the field. Everything was cleared and the shape of a fish was chosen due to it being a Catholic religion-related image. Then, everything was connected with water and curved shapes.

Streets that border the areas feature steep slopes. That is why the church was built on a platform.

There are 2 curving walls that rise from the ground, leading people straight to the entrance. Then, the layout of the walls was built based on key landmarks that are present inside the building. People pass over the altar, tabernacle and baptistery. Space is directed by these and the architects managed to design something special.