Why You Should Use A Bidet – 8 Reasons To Convince You

The bidets are wonderful devices that can change lives and also promote healthier lifestyles. They will also save you loads of money. Here are some reasons why a bidet is a great investment for you.

  1. It is more hygienic than paper

The hands are usually full of germs and bacteria and you should think that every time you wipe yourself with a paper towel the bacteria will be transferred to your sensitive areas. You should treat this area with great care in order to prevent feature problems.

  1. It pays for itself

Another great thing about a bidet is that it will pay for itself in the long run. Toilet paper is pretty expensive with a price at about 10$ for a 12 pack. If you have a big family the price for the toilet paper will increase. If you not buy toilet paper you will manage to save some of your money.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Americans use on average about 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper a year. This means that there are roughly 15 million trees cut down only for toilet paper. If all of the American population will start using bidets the forests will thrive once more.

  1. Help with health problems

A bidet seat will help a lot if a person suffers from hemorrhoids or constipation. Some bidets have enough pressure to send water inside you for a more throughout cleaning to help flush the system inside out. People with hemorrhoids don`t need to suffer because of the abrasive feel of the toilet paper. Some higher end bidet sets even offer some additional functions such as warm water and dryers as a solution against toilet paper.

  1. Adding luxury to your bathroom

The bidet is the ultimate upgrade for your bathroom. Everyone has a sink, shower and a toilet, but not everyone has a bidet. People will certainly like when they will walk in your bathroom and they will see a nice looking bidet.

  1. Great stepping stone for kids

A good hygiene is really important and must be thought to the kids. Personal hygiene is important to kids too and will help them preventing getting sick by eliminating all of the matter and bacteria.

  1. Toilet clogging will be prevented

You won`t have to use a lot of toilet paper if you install a bidet. Using less toilet paper will prevent clogged toilets. It will also limit your septic tank to be emptied less. You will have to pay a lot of money if a clog will appear. When you use a bidet, you will only need a few squares of toilet paper to pat dry and this means that the amount of waste will be reduced a lot.

  1. Bidet seats are warm

It is a really important thing to push down the lid when you flush because a lot of germs will be sprayed out. A lid that is slammed down can damage it and can also startle your family. Bidet seats are a really great solution for this problem because they have slow closing seats and they usually include heated seats.