Hotel Designed Inside A Cave By Ad Hoc Architecture

One of the most interesting design proposals of the month comes from Ad Hoc Architecture, which created a proposal for a stunning hotel inside rural Russia Volsovskaya cave. The used name is Vels Hotel and the project is found close to River Wels on Vishera River’s banks. Basically, as you can see from the images, the hotel comes out of the cave and there are terraces moving down water. The hotel is practically intimately linked to the landscape, with a design that combines modern architecture, cultural history and the Ural Mountains.


In the Vels village, the huge attraction is the Big Volsovskaya cave, which is 280 meters long, being one of the 3 longest Vishera caves. There is a concrete path that goes through it, starting from the parking area and moving to the hotel’s reception area. At the end of the mentioned cave, the hotel’s central space is present, which takes you to its central square via water. Basically, a sightseeing trail is built into the hotel and all visitors can see it.

Visitors enter the cave and then reach the hotel lobby, finding an area with several tables placed close to the water. This is where the trail begins. A survey trail moves around the current territory and dives right into a forest, then plunging into the ground. A trail is connecting the hotel to numerous important viewpoints. Sightseeing is always available for hotel residents but can also be enjoyed by tourists that would simply enjoy nature.

On the hotel’s roof you can see an amphitheater, where you can socialize and also watch nature.

This hotel has numerous interesting features, including a silence room that goes right out of a stone in the forest. The room is created in order to help a person stay alone and meditate. There is no emphasis that is put on the path taking you to the relaxation area but if you want complete relaxation this is what should be present. You can even find a sauna inside the forest. There is an indoor area there and a courtyard that features a beautiful outdoor jacuzzi.

The hotel includes guest rooms located right in the woods. These are perfect for those that need maximum privacy with incredible views at the same time. Hotel walls are made out of monolithic concrete with extra salt. You can enjoy 12 rooms in the hotel. One is actually a suite of 100 square meters. 8 are standard, 40 square meters and 3 are standard plus of 80 square meters, including a kitchen. The hotel definitely has a unique layout that offers incredible views and you can find a fireplace in every single room, with wonderful mountain and forest views.