Castaway Island Resort – A Bamboo-Made Paradise by Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Vo Trong Nghia Architects always delivers very interesting projects and the Castaway Island Resort is definitely one of them. This is practically an incredible beach hut resort that is perfectly placed around hills and close to water, all creating a stunning atmosphere. The big part of the project is the use of bamboo, which is perfectly showcased.


At any point in time, the resort is capable of welcoming 150 tourists. The Castaway Island Resort covers 3000 square meters, all in a private beach that is between Lan Ha Bay and a mountain range. There are 5 residential huts, a sandy beach pavilion, a restaurant with a beautiful bamboo roof and so much more to love.

The bamboo structures were designed in order to sit on the beach. They are completely environmentally friendly. If necessary, they can be removed without the landscape being affected in any way whatsoever.

Frame modules were also created with the use of bamboo poles. The poles were treated through mud soaking and then smoked. Assembly was done on-site with the use of bamboo dowel nails, all tightened with strong rope.

The huts where tourists can stay are simple, usually opened to elements. They are covered by thatched roofs and offer 2 sleeping accommodation levels. Facades were created with the use of timber shutters that were recycled.

The restaurant of the Castaway Island Resort is particularly interesting for most people since it is practically a clear semi-outdoor space. Tables and a simple bar all sit under an undulating, large roof. The structure is left exposed indoors and on the exterior, it is thatched.

According to the architects:

Each of the 13 bamboo-shell units is composed of 80 straight sections of bamboo, creating a wavy ceiling and a rhythmic roofscape. Despite the construction of the project, the site is left intact, the nature preserved thanks to the environmentally-friendly bamboo structures.

Bamboo stands out as a really interesting choice, one that allows the creation of a picturesque setting, all without disturbing the environment. We are seeing a constant increase in the number of resorts and even hotels from around the world that look at this material as something that is preferred. In an area where bamboo is highly-accessible, there is no reason why not to consider the use of bamboo. As you can easily notice, the Castaway Island Resort is stunning and a great example of what you can do with bamboo.