Modern Living Room Design Trends

Modern living rooms can be hubs of activity, from relaxing and socializing to Zoom workouts and mindful meditations. Designating zones for specific purposes can make a larger room seem more manageable.

Color can help define living room styles. From colorful living room paint ideas (opens in new tab) to eye-catching fabrics, adding this element can add life and texture to the space and help make it more dynamic and captivating.

1. Mix and match

Clean, slim lines remain popular; however, we are seeing an upswing in more rounded forms in furniture design. Tactile upholstery – such as velvet, boucle, and suede fabrics – has also seen an uptick and serves as a softer version of maximalism that works particularly well in symmetrical living rooms.

Mixing materials add visual contrast and interest to a room. For instance, try incorporating timber wall paneling alongside natural woven furniture ideas, as Camilla and Henry have done here.

Paint trends these days often favor neutral palettes; however, adding texture adds interest and warmth. Try mixing matte and gloss finishes or using accent textures to tie an ensemble together – rough surfaces alongside smooth ones are great additions!

2. Curved sofas

Curved sofas add an exquisite touch to any living space. From delicately rolled Chesterfields to crescent-shaped conversation pieces, curved sofas have quickly gained in popularity over the past several years and will undoubtedly remain on trend until 2022.

Curved furniture pairs beautifully with round home accents. From drum-shaped coffee tables to elegantly molded light fixtures, curvilinear designs can add style and sophistication to your space.

Vladimir Kagan sofas add an elegant curve to this modern living room, complementing both the unmistakable silhouette of the area rug and softening the angles of its custom built-ins. Clad in luxurious velvet fabric, these luxurious pieces feel both contemporary and timeless.

3. Textured walls

Though modern color schemes may be in fashion, that doesn’t have to mean your living room must remain monotone and dull. By adding texture through textured walls or natural materials like weaving wallcoverings or weaving natural fiber rugs into the mix, your design can stay fresh and welcoming.

Textured walls can help mask surface imperfections that become more obvious on smooth surfaces such as paint and drywall, while creating visual interest with their bumpy texture. Plaster can add subtle character and warmth, while wallpaper that mimics its finish can add depth.

For a bolder aesthetic, opt for matte paint or wallpaper with earthy textures that contrast well with your accent colors. Just remember to dole out textures gradually or they could overwhelm a space!

4. Statement lighting

Many people consider paint color when considering modern living room ideas, but lighting can have just as much of an effect. Large statement light fixtures – specifically those featuring clean lines and clear elements or lots of negative space – have become highly fashionable over the past several years.

Add an air of sophistication with an orb chandelier featuring vertical rings encircling its central lights, creating an exquisite, refined yet chic appearance.

Sconces can be an ideal solution for those short on floor space, providing task lighting while freeing up room for furniture. Or use spotlights in alcoves or an LED strip ceiling recessed ceiling to accentuate architectural features or define a home working area in open-plan environments.

5. Statement wallpaper

Bold wallpaper can make any living room stand out, providing the opportunity to express yourself freely – especially if it’s something new! A single feature wall may be just what’s needed as an experimentation space.

Small rooms benefit from delicate floral prints and striped wallpaper, while wider spaces may benefit from more eye-catching designs that add movement and energy. For tricky spaces like corner recesses and alcoves, consider using textured wallpaper that’s easily painted over.

2023’s major trend is natural colors, particularly warm hues that create a cozy ambiance – think creams, beiges, ochres, terracottas, and browns (when done right!). You could also try using wallpaper with an abstract texture pattern like terrazzo to add subtle textural variation without being too noticeable.