Industrial-Style Bathroom Design Inspiration

Industrial-inspired bathrooms often boast dark colors and rugged details reminiscent of an earlier era, making brushed metal fixtures one way to elevate this style of bath.

Black can make an attractive accent color in industrial bathroom decor, whether that means installing a black vanity, frame shower door or vessel sinks.

Open Shelving

By adopting open shelving, it is easy to add industrial flair to your bathroom. Rustic wooden shelves paired with reclaimed metal brackets and simple gray bath towels will all contribute towards this aesthetic.

Attract an industrial aesthetic with vintage-style clocks, repurposed gears and metal signs. Copper pipe accents, repurposed metal sinks and unique vanities also add special touches that elevate bathroom designs.

Decorated greenery adds a delicate, refreshing element to industrial design while softening its rough appearance. Try incorporating floor-standing or wall-hung industrial planters as organic accents that highlight your bathroom’s natural charm.

Subway Tiles

An industrial bathroom design features rough or textured elements such as exposed copper pipes or brick walls, but is still inviting and comforting. Clean marble walk-in shower and vintage silver fixtures elevate this industrial-themed space by Round Table Design without losing its raw design aesthetic.

Subway tiles are an iconic choice, but you can get creative when selecting tiles to achieve an industrial aesthetic. A cobble pattern – similar to herringbone but more intricate due to the multiple half-cut square tiles between each “L” shape–adds texture and dimension to this bathroom wall installation. They’re further highlighted with white cap molding and knife-edge liners wrapping around both walls and into the tub – giving this space an industrial charm.

Black fixture finishes can add an industrial aesthetic to a bathroom with their dark hue, especially when combined with light walls and floors. Marba Tegels designed this bathroom using grey wall and floor tile that creates an ultramodern vibe while remaining natural thanks to wood wall paneling and jute bathmat.

Black Fixtures

Industrial decor is all about dark tones and rough textures, so choose shower heads, faucets and bathroom storage cabinets that feature black finishes to further establish this aesthetic in your bathroom and create an eye-catching design statement. These elements instantly reinforce this unique style that stands out.

Copper fixtures make an excellent addition to an industrial bathroom design, as the metal is timeless and will develop an exquisite patina over time, adding visual interest to an otherwise mundane space. If copper light fixtures aren’t your cup of tea, chrome plumbing and hardware could still complement your industrial aesthetic beautifully.

Keep it industrial by including some cool wall art pieces like vintage metal signs, repurposed gears and abstract metal sculptures in your bathroom space. Display them proudly or frame them for added intrigue!

Unfinished Look

Adopt a raw and unfinished aesthetic when designing your industrial bathroom. Exposed pipes, brick walls and dark colors are essential elements in creating this style, inspired by old factory lofts and warehouses. Rough materials such as concrete and metal may feature in this look so feel free to leave them as-is or paint over them for an updated look.

Unsplash recommends featuring an eye-catching floor tile such as this one seen on THELIFESTYLEDCO to add texture and visual interest in an otherwise mundane room. The blue toned tile pairs beautifully with black vanity fixtures for an eye-catching monochromatic scheme.

Black metal caged lighting is another popular industrial bathroom trend, as seen here. A sleek marble walk-in shower and old-fashioned silver sink fixtures add an air of opulence that elevates this luxurious design.