The Emotional Challenges Of Decluttering

emotional challenges of decluttering

Home decluttering can be satisfying but it is almost always time-consuming. At the same time, you will most likely end up having to deal with different emotions, ranging from nostalgia to guilt. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you declutter. That is actually why most people end up not decluttering.

Emotions are normal during decluttering. You want to know about the following whenever you start such a process. The following emotional challenges can always appear during decluttering.

The Fear Of Regretting Removing An Item

In many cases, people end up fearing to let go so they end up holding unused items. Often times, many items have no real useful function. They might be outdated or just not necessary. Most people have items that sit untouched in various places around the home.

You do not need to hold on to items because of an off chance that they will be needed sometime in the future. Always stay focused on the goals you have. In the event that you want a home that is free of clutter, you surely have to remove many things. Focus on that instead of just finding reasons to keep items.

The Fear Of Losing Something Valuable

This is another common fear that appears when decluttering, the fear that something valuable will be thrown away. In order to overcome the fear, just look online and see how much items cost. This quickly shows you if you are overestimating something or not.

If you suspect that some of the items are very valuable, the best thing you can do is to have them appraised. This is going to allow you to quickly identify prices and whether or not something should be kept or not.

The Guilt Of Items Not Finding Good Homes

Many people feel guilty about removing items because they do not know where they will land. This is especially the case if they are donated. Nobody can deny this since we naturally want our items to be appreciated and used.

A great way to reframe this is to acknowledge the fact that the particular item is not used. It just sits in a basement or a closet. It is not appreciated. When you donate something, there is at least a possibility that someone will enjoy it.


One of the huge obstacles people have to deal with is the sentimental value of items that have to be removed when decluttering. For instance, it is difficult to remove childhood treasures, travel souvenirs, children’s artwork, baby clothes and old books.

The good news is that images still remain. For instance, you can create one book of all the artwork from the past. This frees up a lot of space.

Look for some creative ideas to remove such items but also free up some space. There are always options that are available so that you can declutter and still keep memories.

Not Wanting To Get Rid Of Gifts Or Inheritance

It is almost always difficult for most people to get rid of items that were guilted. The exact same thing happens when talking about inheritance. If this is your case, remember the fact that gifts just convey feelings. The feelings can be appreciated even if gifts are not kept.

We also have to say that parents add up to the guilt. There are parents that offer used furniture after they buy some brand new furniture. Then, when it is time to remove the gift, talks start. It is also common to see children that feel guilty when free gifts from parents are not accepted.

Family dynamics are always really complicated. This is when the best thing you can do is hire a professional home organizer. The specialist will help you to go through really complicated choices while you remain focused on personal goals.

Being Overwhelmed

When it comes to decluttering, it is quite common to feel overwhelmed. You simply have no idea where to start and there are countless things to think about, like garage door repairs and removing some random water you found in your home. In other cases, motivation does not exist since it is difficult to sort items or maybe make some decisions. Even so, nobody can know what items should be removed except you.

What is usually particularly time-consuming is decluttering a really packed basement or garage. This can easily create a huge mess before the items can be properly sorted. Professionals might be a really good idea in such a situation.