A Green, Modern, Timeless And Glamorous Living Room

This is the type of living room that you instantly fall in love with. Everything is perfectly matched and the green palette used is masterfully controlled for a result that will leave you quite surprised. Designer Jonathan Rachman is responsible for the green living room below. It was a project for the 2017 edition of the San Francisco Decorators Showcase.

The room was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy. You instantly get a summer Paris vibe as you go in. Rachman said about the room:

“I imagine them (Hepburn and Givenchy) returning to Givenchy’s green salon on Rue de Grenelle to enjoy each other’s company while “April in Paris” plays softly in the background. I wanted to bring the Parisian Spring glamour and romance back, in a fresh current way, airy-not stuffy-fresh and classic. “


Just as said in the title, the living room is timeless, modern and simply glamorous. Going green on green in a way that does not feel redundant is not that easy but this living room definitely nails it right. Just look at the images and you will surely love everything.