Guest House In Hudson Valley by Janson Goldstein

The site for this guest house is just 4 acres but the result is something we can easily see connected to a large home that would like to offer some privacy (sort of) to guests. Janson Goldstein created a 45 by 20 feet property that has a great location, forming a meadow entry court right into the main house structure.

There is a breezeway that is dividing this guest house into 2 sides. This is what we meant by “sort of” above. It is definitely an interesting addition that instantly stands out, together with the entry way. There is also a gym inside for both guests and homeowners. That is one part of the building and the other part is a sleeping and living area for the guests. We basically have the opening as a clear bridge between the 2 sides. Privacy is at its peak but you can also see the surrounding landscape.


We did like the really simple construction of the structure of the guest house, with the vertical wooden slats and exposed concrete flooring and exposed rafters. The glass wall only makes everything more attractive.

Photography: Scott Frances