Heather Gauthier’s Art Through Wildlife And Beauty


Heather Gauthier is a true artist that has always been creating things. Her childhood was marked by home-schooling in Texas, only to then move to South Africa when married. Gauthier talked about this and said:

There wasn’t much to do or see in Lubbock, the flattest, ugliest, cowiest town in West Texas. It meant my inner life was a lot richer.

Heather briefly took art classes at Texas Tech. However, she was self-taught most of her life. She practiced for years and found a truly unique voice. When you look at her art you see color, happiness and beauty. Pieces will often feature fauna and flora, with human and animal subjects being portrayed in a very interesting way.

Gauthier once said that the very best thing about her being an artist was her “Artist card.” Her words were:

Why am I wearing hot dogs in my hair? Artist. Why does my house look like multiple factory explosions? Artist. Why can I never remember to sign my kids’ homework? Artist.

We can definitely say many things about her art but what is important for us is that we simply love it. Below you can see some of her paintings. Make sure that you check more at her website.

Featured Image Source: Heather Gauthier Art Facebook Page

Other Images: Heather Gauthier Website