The House Of Sweeping Shadows by Abin Design Studio

This extension in Mithapukur More, India by Abin Chaudhuri and Samya Ghatak from Abin Design Studio is something you surely want to see. The project was completed last year and was practically a design intervention on an existing property. Owners wanted to retain the structure and just modify the design, make it look better, but the extension was definitely something that helped, making everything modern all of a sudden.

There was a brick-lined pond present but it was turned into a lovely swimming pool. Inside the majestic structure there are changing rooms, guest entertainment lounges and a gym. In the landscape you find a small aviary and a barbeque station.

As you can see from the image above, the existing building was not that much. This is why the architects decided to encase everything and build a really bold form. There is a self-supporting metal structure created, one that actually made it possible to add an upper level verandah.


The metal façade is designed as a louvered, curved surface. It casts some really interesting shadows you can see when inside, creating a wonderful combination of shade and light. Outside views are also really interesting to see.

Interiors include really simple lines, contemporary furniture and whitewashed walls, all perfectly complemented by a red floor. Open louvers increase ventilation and mass combination varies, like having a soft verdant landscape combined with a bold metal façade.

Photographs: Samya Ghatak, Ravi Kanade and Abin Chaudhuri