How To Stay Organized As You Build Your Home

When you build a home, there is so much paper that you have to deal with. Sometimes plans are written on napkins. In other cases you draft them on a computer. You take pictures from magazines and save pictures from the internet. You can so easily end up simply buried in documentation. After, as it is time to find the information that you need to make some choices, you cannot since there is too much paper lying around.


As you build the home, you need to stay organized. This is not done just to keep the desk clean. It helps you stay sane. Construction means a lot, ranging from talking with a contractor to finding dream cabinets. It is important to have a system in place, one that helps you to quickly locate everything that you need. The system does not necessarily need to be complicated. Here are some tips to help you remain organized so that you can access absolutely everything you need and make the build faster.

Understand The Difference Between Needs And Wants

If you want the build to be organized, you need to be sure that you understand the real difference between needs and wants. You will be faced with much inspiration, many materials, ideas and trends. You can quickly become overwhelmed. If you want to take control of the entire process, the easiest thing you can do is differentiate between needs and wants.

Write down your must-haves. These are practically items that are needed in your home in order to be happy with what the end will look like. After, write down some items that are nice-to-haves, which means things that you do like and that will not break the overall experience of the home.

Use A Build Board Or Binder

Image from: Live On A Mission

When you build the home, you collaborate with many. There are various professionals that you work with, ranging from workers to interior designers. The build binder is really important since it allows you to always be on track and properly organized.

It is really simple to create such a binder. You just want to use tabs in order to organize the home into various categories. For instance, organize based on room. Alternatively, organize by some categories like flooring, paint or cabinetry.

In the event that you have no problems in using technology, tools like Pinterest can definitely help you set up inspiration boards. Maybe even contractors can collaborate.

Organize All Receipts And Other Documents

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During home building, there are numerous receipts and other documents that appear. This includes build contracts, land contracts, floorplan print-outs, material receipts and much more. It is vital that you stay organized or it will be difficult to find what you need, when you need it.

Do keep all the documents in a safe place but do consider having mobile versions as backup. Obviously, you do not take the file cabinet with you when you have a meeting with a contractor or a designer. The phone can be used for that. Just create folders with home documents and photo albums. Take photos when something important is received. This allows you to quickly access all receipts and contracts in just minutes.

Carry The Home Kit With You

As you build the home, it is possible that a meeting springs up literally out of the blue. You might visit the site to drop cabinetry or just run into the contractor as you buy groceries. Some decisions might need to be done really fast. Because of this, having the home kit inside your car can easily help you. This does not have to be too fancy. It just needs to include a notebook, a tape measure, a pencil and the build binder. You might also want to have some shoes with you in the event that it is possible to get dirty, like when on home site.

The home kit allows you to be more organized by having access to tools you need in many situations. For instance, do you wonder if a beautiful light fixture you just say is a perfect fit in an area of your home? The tape measure can help with that. Did you find a great shade of pink that might be what you have been looking for? Write down the color code.

Create Email Folders

Home building logistics almost always take place in an email inbox folder. This is how we easily organize everything and we communicate with everyone involved. Unfortunately, as you start to talk with many that are involved in the building process, it is easy to lose track, especially if you often get a lot of SPAM email. You should not lose important emails so do create a special space that is intended to be used just for mail related to home building.


Never underestimate how easy it is to lose track of home building logistics. You have to manage many contractors and moving parts. Be sure that you are organized so that you can be more in control and quickly identify changes that are needed. Build based on a schedule, which is only possible when you remain organized.