How To Choose A Mirror That Is Great For Your Wall

Do you know how to choose a mirror for your wall?

Having the perfect mirror on the wall will create a new life to the space you have. Because the mirrors just reflects what is seen, you want to choose something great. If you choose right, reflections become a huge part of the room.


According to Feng Shui practitioners, the mirrors need to face only specific directions. This can be complex but you can always focus on some really simple things.

If you want to choose the very best mirror to hang on your wall, think about the following.

Choose A Mirror Shape

Shape is obviously really important when you choose a mirror. It can define the space since it creates a specific mood. Consider the following in regards to shape:

  • When you choose a horizontal shape that is longer, width is accentuated. The eye goes along the long line. If you have a taller vertical shape, attention is put on height.
  • The angular shape like a rectangle or a square offers a restrained, orderly look.
  • A curved or rounded frame creates a softer whimsical look, usually based on frame style.
  • Group different several mirrors in order to create a custom shape. This is similar to what you would do with framed art.

Choose Mirror Size

Mirror size is important since it always influences what impact you will create. Size selection is all about on whether or not the mirror will be the focal point of the room or you just want it to be something that is not seen in the background.

When you choose mirror size, here is what to think about:

  • The single smaller mirror that is put on a larger wool is not going to look great. Always choose the size that is suitable for the selected wall.
  • When the mirror should seemingly be in the background, focus on an extra-large one. This is a good choice since it makes the entire space seem larger than it is. Just do not choose a frame that will draw attention.
  • When the mirror needs to be the focal point of the room, you have to be sure that size is suitable in order to have it stand out, all while defining everything with the use of a frame that is noticeable.
  • The smaller wall mirrors are great as accents. They reflect objects and catch light. Use them in groups for a great visual effect.

Choose Mirror Style

The mirrors reflect personal style so you need something that matches what is present in the room. However, a strong impact can be made when you choose something that is completely unexpected. As the size and shape of the mirror are important, a frame can easily determine style.

When you choose mirror style, think about the following:

  • A gilt, carved or ornate frame is great in an ethnic culture inspired room or a traditional setting. It can also be used as contrast if the room is modern.
  • If the frame has some simple lines or is made out of unusual materials, it is great for modern or casual interior.
  • The whimsical frame treatments or looks that are distressed are great for an eclectic room or for a country room.