How to Create a Vintage Living Space

Create an elegant time machine by bringing vintage details into your living space. Whether you prefer the rustic charm or are going for the 1920s vibe, there are endless ways to incorporate vintage style.

Ornate mirror frames with antique detailing are timeless accessories for creating vintage living spaces. Look for decorative styles that coordinate with your furniture and paint the frame a lighter hue to achieve a consistent scheme.

Color Palette

An appealing neutral palette can do wonders in creating a vintage living space. It serves as the ideal background for furniture and accessories that you want to feature, helping them stand out more clearly while making them more visually interesting.

Earthy tones like antique white, terra cotta and muted sage green make for the ideal neutral vintage living room palette. Subdued browns, beige and black also work well; for something brighter pastel pinks and peaches can add feminine charm.

Add an eye-catching mural featuring scenes from the past for maximum impact, especially in large rooms where this will have maximum visual impact. Or display vintage portraits to set a nostalgic atmosphere. Finally, incorporate items such as glassware, ceramics, stamps, or vinyl records that reflect that vintage feel into your living space for added vintage style – unique or unusual items will help achieve this goal!


Vintage living rooms typically showcase antique or refurbished pieces, while newer pieces painted in warm, weathered tones can work just as well. Wood and wicker tones work particularly well here, while floral or striped cushion fabrics in faded linen add the perfect vintage touch. Don’t forget a painted or whitewashed fireplace hearth and floors to complete the look!

Picking out the ideal sofa can make or break an outfit. A modern silhouette may lend itself to more contemporary spaces, while midcentury styles with deep seats and curved arms add retro charm. Ryann Trombetti of Style by Emily Henderson created an eye-catching Mad Men-esque space by pairing this leather couch with a classic bar cabinet in her home.

Mixing modern and vintage pieces can create an eclectic atmosphere in your home. Try showcasing old family photos on picture ledges or storing knitted blankets in an antique armoire. Textures play an essential part in vintage living spaces; therefore layer luxurious textures like sheepskin or faux fur over Persian rugs and silk pillows for maximum effect.


Employ vintage accessories to create an original space. Adding classic and authentic accents such as an antique mirror with hand-paint detailing or an old apothecary cabinet will help your living room become even more classic and authentic.

Choose prim and pretty patterns, classic lines and luxurious fabrics to infuse your home design with history. Look out for details such as button detailing on upholstered furniture and 70s-inspired bubble details in light fixtures and candlesticks to bring an elegant, traditional aesthetic into the mix.

Consider adding decorative wallpapers with floral or geometric prints for an authentic vintage feel in your living space design. Or try the wainscoting style featuring vertical grooves to give depth and character to the room design.


Home lighting is essential to both your eyes and overall well-being. Vintage-style light fixtures add an elegant charm, but when selecting one for your space it must match its requirements and style.

Make your living room truly vintage by selecting antique wall sconces as focal points in various areas – these can look beautiful on either side of a mirror, above a sofa, or on a fireplace mantel.

Depending on how boldly you decorate with vintage decor, it may be necessary to paint certain large items such as furniture and wall art with dark paint colors. To balance it out, add smaller accents in bolder hues like red or green via rug, pillows and other small features in your home; rustic nautical touches like old maps and ornaments made of rope should complete the effect for a truly vintage-inspired living space.