Tips for Decorating With Vases and Sculptures

Styling with vases is an easy and stylish way to add character and distinction to your home decor. Available in an assortment of shapes, sizes and materials to meet the design needs of every interior space, vases are an invaluable decoration item that adds character and distinction.

Vases make an eye-catching centerpiece when filled with flowers or greenery or left empty to create an eye-catching still-life display. Use these tips for decorating with vases and sculptures to elevate the atmosphere in any room in which you decorate with them.

1. Use Vases to Create a Focal Point

As standalone decorative elements, vases add a sense of elegance to any space. When used together as part of an eye-catching sculptural display, their combined presence can have an enormous effect. Choose a vase shape that complements the flowers or greenery you plan on placing inside it; for example, long-necked slender vases work particularly well when used with tall flower stems.

Add texture and depth to your vase by layering sand and shells on its base, painting its interior or adhering beads or decorative items on top for an eye-catching display.

2. Place Vases on a Mantel

Symmetry on a mantel can become repetitive, so try an asymmetrical arrangement instead. Begin with one large piece of decor such as a painting or mirror as your focal point and stagger smaller items including vases of various heights to fill the space visually and add visual interest, suggests Real Homes.

From delicate bud vases to rustic confit pots, there is an impressive variety of vase styles that look beautiful displayed alone or as part of a collection. Filled or empty, they make stunning focal points in any living space or entryway table. Add succulents or branches for seasonal flair!

3. Place Vases on a Table

Table vases add the perfect finishing touch to any room with their variety of sizes and shapes, adding the finishing touches with fresh flowers or greenery from your garden, or left empty to show their unique design. Their beauty will attract any guest that visits your home!

One way of decorating with vases is to group them. This can be accomplished either using similar-sized and material vases or mixing and matching different styles and varieties of vases together in an orderly symmetrical arrangement.

Add a vase to your dining or coffee table as an easy and cost-effective way to elevate the decor in your home. By following a few easy tips, any boring glass vase can easily become an eye-catching piece of artwork that adds vibrancy and personality.

4. Place Vases in a Lonely Corner

Vases make for beautiful home decor pieces when filled with flowers, but can also stand alone as decorative accents. You can decorate empty vases with seashells to create an ocean-inspired design or paint them to bring some color into your space.

When decorating with vases, they must complement your home decor. Ceramic vases work great for farmhouse-style homes while glass ones suit more contemporary spaces.

Another method for decorating with vases is placing them strategically. Doing this will help create an inviting and stimulating space while adding some visual interest and spark to an otherwise monotonous room.

5. Place Vases on a Shelf

If your vase collection has outgrown its space in your cabinets, consider displaying them on a shelf to showcase some of your favorites and create a layered look that is both useful and beautiful.

No matter the style or material of the vase you add to your decor, make an unexpected and unexpected statement about who you are as an individual. Pairing vases with decorative boxes, candlesticks, frames or trays creates an unifying and textural aesthetic in the room.

Decorating with vases can be limitless; just make sure that when handling or placing them somewhere they won’t get bumped over or knocked over accidentally.