Designing a Bathroom With a Statement Bathtub

An eye-catching statement bathtub is the ideal centerpiece to complete any master bathroom design and provide an eye-catching focal point. These bath fixtures make a lasting impression in both larger bathrooms as well as smaller spaces alike.

Mel Bean made the most of vertical space in this small bathroom with tall mirrors, wavy tile accents, and built-in storage extending from tub to ceiling. A bay of Marvin windows adds visual interest while you soak.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding tubs–also referred to as stand-alone baths or floor mount tubs–are an elegant statement piece, creating an eye-catching focal point in any bathroom space. Commonly placed in bedrooms, master suites or living rooms; they may also fit comfortably into smaller bathrooms.

Consider your style and preferences when choosing a freestanding bathtub. There is something suitable for everyone here; choose between modern or traditional models; you may even combine styles as long as the overall effect remains cohesive.

One important consideration when purchasing a bathtub is its weight and how you will install it in your home. Acrylic tubs are popular due to their lightweight nature, making installation simpler. If you prefer something classic instead, cast iron enameled tubs offer durable yet easy care bathing as well as heat retention capabilities; these models may weigh considerably more than acrylic models though you could also go for stone resin models which provide similar qualities but with reduced weight restrictions.

Tub Niche

One way to add elegance and charm to your bathroom is to include a recessed niche in your tub. This can provide space for bath bombs, shampoo bottles, loofahs and any other necessities needed during showering or tubbing – as well as adding a decorative flair that enhances statement bathtubs even further.

A framed niche can be designed in various styles to reflect your individual aesthetic. A wooden frame, subway tile walls or even textured grout may work, while marble shelves offer another elegant option that can be tailored to any size niche.

Some designers opt to adorn a tub with patterned wallpaper to add an original design element. Katie Martinez of New Orleans used an eye-catching bright red pattern wall behind this freestanding tub as an eye-catcher and to accentuate its hue and pattern.

Tub Mounts

Rather than opt for an extravagant freestanding tub, enhance an ordinary bathtub with decorative mounts to give it that spa-hotel aesthetic. Here, a marble block and basin provide a sleek finish while being easy to keep clean (even with shower curtains in place!). Gilded hardware and smart accessories complete the spa experience.

Cortney Bishop created this bathroom using a wavy floor tile, accentuating its tub’s curves while offering additional storage and shelf space to store toiletries.

Do not let an awkward floor plan or sloped ceiling line spoil your dream bathroom design. Designer Nathalie Chong added a bath into this dormer’s dormer wall to subtly define space and dabble with some asymmetry, with light-catching mirrors and plenty of storage keeping the room bright and airy.

Tile Accents

An eye-catching accent wall immediately grabs our attention and sets the mood in any room, yet doesn’t need to be an eye sore; tile offers many texture and color combinations that won’t be overwhelming; for example, simple borders add character and charm against cultured marble surroundings while specialty shapes elevate an otherwise simple travertine wall.

Tiles that resemble wood or stone are an ideal way to add warmth and visual texture to accent walls in bathrooms designed by Louis Duncan-He Designs, offering warmth as well as visual texture. In this bathroom from Louis Duncan-He Designs, porcelain that looks similar to wood was used on the shower walls and half wall behind the tub while still allowing the decorative features of this bathroom to shine through.

Make an impressionful statement while remaining understated when designing a shower space with vertical stripes of accent tile on its walls. In this pink and white bathroom, square white tiles alternate with ceramic fish scale tiles as an eye-catching focal point in this accessible pink and white shower design.