Coastal Bathroom Design Ideas

When it comes to coastal bathroom design ideas, there is no lack of options. From organic materials like woven baskets and beachy photographs to beachy accents such as beach umbrellas – there’s plenty of material that makes a room feel right at home near the shore.

Nautical accents and rope decorations can create the feel of coastal style in any bathroom, while there are numerous subtle choices you can make to complete the look. Neutral shades work to anchor a nautical scheme together while natural elements like rugs or flower-filled vases add charm and calm.

Earthy Accents

Coastal bathrooms often include natural touches to add depth and dimension. For instance, adding eco-friendly elements like jute bath mats adds eco-friendliness while still remaining fashionable – perfect companions to other woven accents such as storage baskets or light fixtures made of wicker.

Beach-inspired art can make an effective statement without going overboard. From framed pennants and seashell sconces, beach art can make an eye-catching statement.

Nautical Accents

Coastal bathroom decor ideas can become kitschy quickly, so opt for subdued decorations to avoid overdoing it. Tuck some pretty rocks near your towels or switch out for a rope-wrapped towel rack to achieve an understated yet relaxed aesthetic.

Woven accents add a relaxed charm to a beachy environment. Try swapping out your bath mat for one made with jute material, or pick up a basket resembling driftwood as part of your decor scheme to ground the overall design scheme.


Coastal bathroom ideas can still feel fresh and serene by choosing timeless neutral hues like sandy beiges and stone grays as their backdrops. These natural colors serve as a blank slate to showcase different color choices and accessories with ease.

Add organic charm to a modern coastal bathroom with wood vanity cabinetry or shelves featuring natural-toned woven runners in natural tones, making an outstanding decorative accent while serving double duty as functional decor. Display trinkets such as shells or sea-inspired artworks on this unique accessory for maximum display effect.

Beach-Inspired Prints

Beach-inspired wallpaper can bring the ocean’s tranquil vibe right into your bathroom. Think light blues, sandy beige and other hues inspired by marine life to evoke that relaxing island getaway feel.

Framed photos depicting sea scenes or natural landscapes make for great coastal bathroom accessories, and woven storage bins can serve as stylish display spaces for mementos or decor items like shells and rope that fit the theme.

Accent Walls

Coastal style is an entertaining design aesthetic, and bathroom spaces lend themselves perfectly to playful touches of coastal charm. Add eye-catching accents such as colorful backsplash tiles or photographs from coastal vacations in order to bring this look alive in any bathroom space.

Light blue wall colors are often associated with beachy decor, but other hues can bring this theme into your bathroom space as well. Woven materials like vanity skirts or rattan light fixtures add the perfect finishing touches.

Bath Stools

Coastal bathroom decor ideas tend to feel light and airy. Wicker baskets for storing toiletries or towels add an airy, relaxed aesthetic.

Keep the theme light and breezy by opting for blue and white striped bath towels or adding playful details like a nautical-themed letter board that add a beachy aesthetic.

Clean lines are at the core of modern coastal style, which works beautifully when combined with natural textures such as wood vanity and sisal floor runner.

Woven Accents

Add an outdoorsy flair with natural materials, like wooden vanity tops or light fixtures crafted of wicker. Even adding just a few palm leaves can evoke the peaceful tropical atmosphere associated with modern coastal style.

An elegant coastal aesthetic allows for some kitsch, as long as it doesn’t cross into overly casual territory. Include some fun accents that add visual interest and personality.

Beachy Photographs

Beach-inspired bathrooms provide the ideal opportunity for creative expression when selecting bathroom decor items. Add playful details like stripes on towels, or hang artwork featuring marine life and beach landscapes to evoke a peaceful coastal vibe.

For an understated approach, try opting for light blue wallpaper featuring beach-themed motifs. Or if you’re feeling bolder, add an eye-catching piece such as an animal mirror that serves double duty.

Laidback Choices

Coastal bathroom decor can be as subtle or eye-catching as desired, from subtle details to eye-catching displays. A woven window treatment lets in plenty of natural light while adding an attractive beach aesthetic.

Blue paint instantly creates an air of calm in any space, whether its tropical teal hues or upscale navy. Consider Sherwin-Williams Rain or Valspar Hazy Blue as coastal bathroom paint hues for optimal effect.

Playful Accents

Beach-inspired bathrooms don’t need to be full of nautical accents – instead consider grounding your space with natural elements like woven elements such as jute rugs and rattan storage baskets for an earthier feel, as well as switching out standard light fixtures for ones that emulate driftwood-shaped ones.

Even structural beams can serve as an eye-catching coastal accent when coated in colors like Sherwin-Williams Rain or Farrow & Ball Silver Lake paints – this creates a relaxing ambiance and ensures guests arrive feeling peacefully relaxed.