Incorporating Plants Into Kitchen Decor

Plants bring natural beauty and fresh air purification to any room in your home, including the kitchen. Their presence also sparks creativity when creating delicious dishes!

Make the most of your kitchen’s windowsills by adding sunlight-loving plants like English ivy or aloe vera; alternatively, long fake plants make for great decoration around cabinets or shelves.

Window Shelves

Window shelves provide the ideal location to display houseplants that thrive in full sunlight, providing an elegant kitchen solution and keeping plants away from counters and tables where you may have to relocate them when working or cleaning.

Choose a shelf with dull edges to prevent splintering, then display items such as cookware, glassware or antiques to create an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen. Cookbooks and canisters filled with ingredients also work well here.

Select a pot that complements both your windowsill and overall style of the room, as well as the colors and themes in which it resides. Greenery should ideally match with the color palette in the kitchen while harmonizing with its theme; for those unsure what plants to add, parlor palm trees work in most spaces and can reach two meters tall with very minimal care requirements; perfect for homeowners or renters looking for low maintenance additions to their home!

Faux Herb Garden

Faux herbs offer an easy, low-maintenance way to bring the fresh scent of nature right into your kitchen. Arrange three faux herb plants in a row for visual balance or mix up size and type to add dimension and texture in any space. Display in rustic wooden or slate woven planters to complete a farmhouse kitchen look; choose flavors like chives and lavender for delicious garnishes as well as adding color and fragrance into both sweet and savory dishes alike!

Introduce greenery into bookshelves and display cabinets by arranging small potted plants or succulents among your collections. Consider including larger plants such as snake plants or Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant) for a dramatic flourish, or use an artificial tree as filler between shelves to give added height. You could even try using herbs to create DIY wall hangings or decorate gift packaging; tie sprigs of lavender around each gift to complete it beautifully!

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are an easy and affordable way to add green accents to kitchens without taking up floor space. Select one type of plant for a uniform look or mix-and-match multiple kinds for an eclectic display. For optimal results, choose sun-loving varieties like English ivy or aloe vera; lightweight options such as hanging tiered planters by Sarah from Nude And The Novice or wall planters made out of wood like those displayed by Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living may help reduce weight by spreading out planters across their display areas.

Large potted plants are an innovative way to incorporate plants into kitchen decor. If your walls have plenty of empty wall space, this option can make an impactful statement. Just ensure during design that their placement does not interfere with any activities in the kitchen or run the risk of being knocked over accidentally. Consider trailing plants like ivy or fuchsia as they thrive under lower light levels while remaining humid environments.

Big Potted Plants

Houseplants can add instant natural colour and fill out corners in any kitchen space, instantly brightening up dull corners and filling them with life. However, choosing plants suitable for the temperature, humidity and amount of light in a space such as yours is of utmost importance – for instance if you have a north-facing kitchen choose one with indirect light such as Dracaena or Devil’s Ivy which thrive in indirect lighting conditions.

Wall-mounted shelves are an effective way of adding greenery into kitchen decor. Look for plants with trailing vines to draw the eye upward, such as this stripy beauty from Beards & Daisies. Play around with height by using different pots with different colours and finishes for greater design interest.

No matter your level of green thumbery, adding large houseplants to your kitchen design can instantly elevate its atmosphere and give a room a sense of character. Just ensure they won’t obstruct any doors or windows during their placement process!