Lovely Cardboard Tiny House by Fiction Factory

When it comes to cardboard houses people generally think of the homeless but Fiction Factory tries to change that with a beautiful cardboard home that is really cozy and that can quickly become “home sweet home”.

The project is known as Wikkelhouse and is basically a minimalist residence that is made out of house-shaped, rotating mold encased in numerous layers of corrugated cardboard. After the structure is done, it is covered with wood panels and waterproof coating. We thus end up with a really light but sturdy modern house that is fully insulated.


Wikkelhouse costs around $35,000 and is made out of 3 modular units. The only problem is that it is built in Amsterdam so transportation and assembly costs do have to be taken into account. However, we are talking about an assembly process that just lasts 1 day and future expansions are incredibly easy by just adding additional installations, adding bathrooms, showers, kitchens and windows. All this is gained together with durability. This is a fully recyclable pre-fab house that should last up to 100 years without problems.

Fiction Factory initially made the project public last year and we already have many cardboard homes that were sold and installed around Netherlands and even in London. Because of the popularity of the cardboard house there is now a waiting list if you want to buy one. Service area is limited until 2018 so if you are not buying a home for the covered regions, you need to wait.