Lush Color Interior Design Home

Homes have to feel comfortable and inviting, with great use of warm light and varied seating options, according to most homeowners. This is exactly what Plasterlina managed to achieve in a project with Jan Wadim, while also taking things to a new seductive level.

We absolutely love the rich jewel tone and plush textures that create a highly inviting space for all people that visit or that live in the home. The baths are also beautiful, combining soft lighting with art. All senses are intrigued when visiting this home.

Just as you would expect, the living room is open. They feature vaulted ceilings and the open fireplace will surely be a main point of discussion with guests. The floors and furniture are covered by plush fabrics while lighting is simple and soft.


In the dining room you will find the mandatory spacious table being complemented by a wine storage area and bare brick walls. The Erykah Badu oversized prints just make everything more inviting.

The main bathroom is simply seductive while the smaller one is so simple and features great use of lighting. You will adore the bedroom and if you want to have a great relaxing time with the one you loved, the oversized bathroom is a sure bet.