Here’s What Everyone Should Know About Light Bulbs

Electricity is nowadays something that we cannot live without and a major reason why is that it offers lighting. In all homes there are light bulbs used. Usually, incandescent bulbs are used but this should no longer be the case. There are newer, more modern lighting options that are going to help you save money. In fact, you save money in 2 ways:

  • Electricity usage is minimized so utility bills are lower.
  • Modern light bulbs last longer so replacements are not as often as with incandescent light bulbs.

With all this in mind, here are some things that you need to know about light bulbs.


Incandescent Light Bulbs

These are basically the basic light bulbs. They have been handy in the past and now they should be replaced. The estimate is that the bulbs that are ENERGY STAR-rated use 70% to 90% less energy than the incandescent light bulbs. At the same time, they last around 15 times longer. By adding out the amounts, we end up with saving $55 per each light bulb used.

Usually, the reason why people say they do not like to use the alternatives to incandescent light bulbs is the presence of the cold light. Lighting is really important and you do want to get the type of light you need but what many do not know is that they can actually use dimmable alternative light bulbs that can offer you the exact light type you need.

LED Light Bulbs

LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are the most popular incandescent replacement at the moment. When they initially appeared on the market, they were pricey but nowadays they are so much more affordable and you can easily find some that you would love.

The big thing that needs to be known is that the LED bulb will last between 20k and 50k hours. This means they can actually last for decades in an average home.

Another really interesting thing about the LED light is that they will not emit heat. This means you can touch the light bulbs without being hurt. Also, your AC unit will not need to work overtime in order to maintain coolness.

When buying LED lights, be sure you maximize savings by buying those that are ENERGY STAR-rated.

CFL Light Bulbs

The perks of LED light bulbs are obvious but for some homeowners there is one clear problem: the high price. This is why an option like CFL (compact fluorescent lights) should be mentioned. When LED lights were very expensive and people wanted lighting that was more energy efficient, CFL stood out as the best choice. Fluorescent lights were problematic since the light gained was really cool but nowadays, you can buy many that are available in soft white and warm white.

CFL lights will last around ten thousand hours, which is still better than the incandescent option.

Change Lights Now

Using the incandescent light bulbs is no longer something that you are forced to do. It is time to move on to better options. Some of the bulbs that you can buy these days can be activated by voice with a digital assistant or through a smartphone app. Even LEDs that change colors can be bought so why not take advantage of the opportunity of making your lighting more modern?