Redefining Bathroom Interior Design With Ronbow

Ronbow is a brand that is well-known for the innovation that appears in manufacturing practices, technology and design. Popularity is constantly growing and all that you really have to do is to look at images of the work done in order to see why. The new series called “Signature Series” is taking the entire brand to a whole new level, offering refined luxury and really high quality.

The collection basically features works by 9 great designers that are known for expression and innovation. They come from all over the world and they created new works right under the Ronbow name.

What is interesting is that the designers gained their reputations thanks to the works that they did for names like Adidas, Apple, Mercedes, Audi and Vuitton. The collaboration brought forward something that we simply love. We are talking about 11 unique collections that feature multiple configurations and options, with many interesting innovations like Bluetooth technology, LED touch mirrors, plug outlets and USB ports put right in the bathroom vanity.


Signature Series explores many design aesthetics, ranging from linear to vintage and modern. The resulting styles are very interesting and we are sure you will like them since there are many items that you never saw before in the bathroom.

You can see all the creations in this series on the Ronbow website. Some images can be seen below.

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