Office Huts For Cozy Gathering

Office Hut

The office huts you see here are perfect for a cozy office gathering space and will instantly stand out in any office environment. They were designed by Scandinavian Spaces and are available as an office furniture collection that was created for Gottessons, a Swedish brand.

The name of this collection is “The Hut Lounge Collection”. It features modular furniture pieces that come together in order to create a cozy seating area. The seating area can act as a beautiful meeting place in many working environments or would just be a place where staff members can relax.

In the collection you can see a free bench, a hut and a beautiful square bench. You can use these in different combinations in order to create some custom seating configurations. Benches include wheels so you can so easily move them around.

Because of furniture design, the items can be pushed together. This helps create larger spaces that can accommodate more people.