Penna Lighting Introduced By Cerno Mixing Wood, Brass And Leather

Cerno recently launched their Penna Collection, which features lighting fixtures that merge wood, leather and brass in order to form a really interesting fixture that manages to balance elegance and utility.


If you are into elongated hanging fixtures, you most likely think about the fluorescent lights first but this thought will surely disappear when you look at what Penna has to offer.

We are faced with a walnut wooden body that features brass accents and is attached with the use of a lather strap. These are simple materials but they are perfectly combined. Typical connector hiding is forgone by the design. These are actually put right in the lighting fixture.

According to designer Nick Sheridan:

“When designing Penna, I wanted to illuminate the wood body of the fixture to showcase the grain with a continuous linear light source that would deliver diffuse ample light without point sources. The way the sloped wood body emulates the leather strapping used in the fixture’s suspension creates harmony and balance in the fixture’s silhouette.”

In Cerno’s Penna Collection there is a wall sconce and a pendant fixture. Both of these can so easily be used in various design applications, ranging from commercial to residential. You can buy the pendant in 2 sizes, either 40 or 64 inches. There are also 2 finishes available, natural walnut or dark stained walnut.