Rolo – A Unique Floor Lamp With Flexible Petals


Imagine having a lamp that gives you access to both soft and direct light. This is exactly what you get in Rolo, a floor lamp created by Smallgran.

We instantly loved the design of this lamp. It can create soft and direct light at the same time due to the presence of flexible “petals”. These petals can separately be modified. You can easily bend them or extend them. Because of this unique design, the lamp offers different illumination levels to spread in all directions. Several possible ambiances are generated in a room.

One year was needed to design, develop and perfect Rolo, until the final design was finished.

Obviously, the most important part of the floor lamp is the petal. Every single petal is made out of a steel strip. This is what keeps it twisted or straight. Then, a 3D-printed sheet out of thermoplastic polyurethane is added.

Smallgran wants to use plastic injection molding, not 3D printing though.

Besides the beautiful and functional petals, Rolo has a steel base where you have the socket. There is a wooden shade ring added and it is screwed in, just like the shades.

On the whole, Rolo is simply beautiful and would look great in any room where different light levels are needed for different tasks. You can now do your work at an office while someone else sleeps in the bed without being affected by the light.