The Best Furniture For Home Gyms

Home gyms may seem like a luxury, but even with only the basic pieces it’s easy to turn any spare room into an effective workout space. Yoga mats, freestanding weights and punching bags can make an impactful statement about what matters to you in fitness – even in small spaces!

Add pegboards for an elegant finishing touch and use them to hang yoga mats, jump ropes and exercise bands from. Or choose a valet stand to keep all your fitness equipment organized and off of the floor.

Industrial Aesthetic

No matter if you’re an aspiring yogi or an avid jogger, your home workout space must more than simply serve as an equipment storeroom. Add artistic elements and some soothing colors for an inviting ambiance that will spur on sweatiness!

The industrial aesthetic, which originated in the early 19th century, features rough and primitive textures for an edgy beauty. You can incorporate this style into your workout room by featuring exposed brick walls and using natural materials such as reclaimed wood.

Smart technology can make workouts both more engaging and effective. For instance, you could link your exercise bike with fitness apps to provide virtual personal training sessions and real-time performance tracking – this option can save money when hiring professional trainers; other technologically savvy home gym designs include wall-mounted tablets to control workout programs as well as pegboard systems which double as motivational boards.

Sliding Doors

An effective home gym requires more than just attractive exercise equipment. While a yoga mat and aesthetic dumbbells may do the trick for some exercises, a more substantial set of cardio and strength training equipment such as a bench, treadmill or barbell set may be required to provide proper workout options. Also consider including rope walls, resistance bands or dumbbell racks as additional workout solutions.

If you’re planning to turn a spare bedroom into your fitness area, ensure the flooring products chosen are easy and durable to install over either hardwood floors or carpeting. Rubber and PVC plastic modular flooring makes an excellent choice, while interlocking gym floor tiles could also work.

Home gyms often serve double duty as both office spaces and flex rooms, so make sure you include plenty of storage solutions for supplies and equipment. Kelly Rinzema from The Lily Pad Cottage used pegboards on the wall to store jump ropes, exercise bands and kettlebells; additionally, she installed metal shelving to store kettlebells.


Pegboards provide an effective solution for organizing home gym equipment, and keeping items off of the floor and within easy reach. These DIY storage solutions offer an attractive way to tuck away barbells, jump ropes, resistance bands and headphones while still creating functional storage solutions.

Metal pegboards are more robust than wooden boards and provide an industrial aesthetic, perfect for organizing tools like drills and hammers as well as duct tape and extension cords. You can purchase different-sized boards with hooks or bin dividers installed to maximize the organization of tools.

Small spare rooms can easily transform into home gyms when properly organized. Kelly Rinzema of The Lily Pad Cottage created her workout space using various simple storage options to separate cardio and office supplies in this workout space, including wall hooks for towels and hoodies as well as low-slung pale wood shelving to store yoga mats – she even adds decorative accents like this black-and-white photograph to make the space seem part of the house!

Kid-Friendly Workout Area

Create an inviting workout area for kids can be great fun for all in the family. Get them involved by filling the room with kid-friendly gym equipment like adorable exercise bikes and bench presses, colorful rugs, interlocking rubber floor tiles, or wall murals featuring their favorite sports and athletes.

If you have young kids, be sure to add age-appropriate equipment that will grow with them, such as a trampoline, home climbing wall, or door-frame chin-up bar. Also consider toys like jump ropes or bouncy balls which can easily be stored away when not being used; furniture pieces which serve double duty such as this midcentury modern bench from Heather Hilliard Design featuring closed basket storage space for example.

Sound systems can help motivate high-intensity workouts with music that will get your blood pumping and adrenaline racing. Add directional speakers for clarity throughout the room or install a sound bar with headphones attached for effortless listening.