The Best Kitchen Flooring Options To Consider

kitchen flooring options

The most accident-prone place at your home is your Kitchen. Choosing the right kitchen flooring is a challenge. There are lots of kitchen flooring options available in the market. But you can’t pick a random kitchen flooring option and expect it to look good with your kitchen design. You need to spend some time doing your research to choose the right kitchen flooring option for your kitchen. So, if you are ready to spend some time picking up the right kitchen flooring option, here are the best kitchen flooring options to consider.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the popular kitchen tiles in homes around the world. Ceramic tiles are hard in nature and water-resistant and they are very easy to clean. They are also available in many colors and styles to suit your home environment. But there are few things to remember while choosing Ceramic tiles, these types of tiles will crack if any glassware or any hard material is dropped accidentally, and the main problem with Ceramic tiles is that the grout lines will collect dust in the long run.


One of the highly durable tiles are Hardwood kitchen tiles. They add an instant appeal to your lovely kitchen. But, if you are situated in coastal regions, they will warp in the long use. Also, Hardwood tiles are easily prone to minor scratches and colored stains. Also, periodic refinishing is required with Hardwood tiles. One of the advantages of hardwood kitchen flooring is, it suits any kind of kitchen design and style.  Hardwood kitchen flooring is also very easy to clean by just sweeping and mop up the spills regularly.

Laminate Wood

One of the highly affordable kitchen tiles is Laminate wood. They give a soft, modern look to the kitchen. Laminate wood tiles are easy to install. But laminate flooring cannot be refinished. Laminate wood tiles are also can be slippery. It is avoidable if you have elder people and kids at home. When you choose laminate flooring for your kitchen, it is better to choose a higher-end laminate and avoid the cheapest ones as the cheaper laminates stain, warp, and peel quickly.


Vinyl mimic wood-grains. Vinyl flooring is also budget-friendly. It is very quick to install and water-resistant. Vinyl flooring can be installed instead of wooden floorboards. You need a perfect subfloor to install Vinyl. Vinyl kitchen flooring will be water and stain resistant and they are very easy in case of maintenance. If you require a water-resistant kitchen flooring vinyl is the best choice. Also, if you need a softer surface, there is a cushioned vinyl available in the market which has a thin layer of soft material on the top. Thicker vinyl flooring is also available which gives wood or stone look to your kitchen.

Bamboo Wood

Bamboo wood is an alternative and eco-friendly kitchen flooring. Bamboo wood flooring is a very durable kitchen flooring alternative. It is also the strongest kitchen flooring option available in the market. They are also a little more water-resistant than wooden floors. But they are prone to stains and water damage and over time they get discolored. So, you have to choose them carefully. When you choose bamboo kitchen flooring, avoid dark-colored bamboos as they are less durable.


The most desired option is the Marble kitchen flooring. Marbles give a very sophisticated look to your kitchen. The Colors variations available with Marble give your kitchen an earthy look. But may have to add floor heating if you are located in colder regions. Also, some marbles are prone to scratches water stains.


Granite flooring is an amazing option. The value of your home valued high if quality granite flooring is installed. Granite flooring is also exceptionally durable. The only problem with granite is they are harder to install as Granite is a heavy type of material. So, you must ensure whether your floor will support its weight.


The busiest kitchens around the world are incorporated with Concrete flooring. They give industrial look, and like marble, it is cold in nature, it is perfect if you are situated in tropical regions. Since it is hard flooring, it can be uneasy to stand for a long time.

Cork kitchen flooring

Image from Flickr user Melinda Young Stuart

Now a days Cork kitchen flooring is also one of the flooring options available for your kitchen. Cork kitchen flooring is very easy to clean. Cork flooring is one of the best kitchen flooring options available for kitchens. They are very eco-friendly and sustainable. Cork kitchen flooring provides a soft surface to walk on. They are the best choice in case you need slip-resistant kitchen flooring. But some heavy furniture can create indentations on Cork kitchen flooring. Also, too much sunlight can discolor cork flooring. Also, they are vulnerable to moisture. Cork kitchen flooring can also easily get scratches and tears.


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Linoleum is environment-friendly kitchen flooring option. Linoleum is made from linseed oil mixed with other natural materials like cork powder. It is also one of the moisture resistant kitchen flooring option which is available in different colors and patterns. You can pick one that suits your kitchen design. When you choose linoleum, select coated linoleum which maintenance-friendly. The un-coated linoleum needs regular maintenance (waxing). Also, the linseed oil can give strong smell for some time after installation.

So, if you are in the verge to replace your kitchen flooring, consider these best kitchen flooring options available in the market.

Before you finalize your kitchen flooring option, get a sample for your chosen option to check how does it look in your kitchen. Because some flooring options can look great at the show room with the lighting setup, they have installed to show case the flooring options. The same kitchen flooring option may look very dull at your kitchen due to lighting available there.

So, before you decide, check them in your kitchen with a sample. Spending few dollars on a sample can save you from spending lots of money on a flooring option which is going to make you unhappy after installation.