9 Tips To Transform Your Balcony Into A Garden

Gardening is usually associated with childhood memories by a lot of people. This is the thing that they used to enjoy a lot when they were kids. Today is different because most of us live in an apartment. This is why it is a great idea to turn your balcony into a garden so you can remember the good old days when you were a child. Here are a few tips on transforming your balcony into a garden. But before that, let’s take a look at some great balcony gardens.

Now let’s talk about those tips that we mentioned:

  1. Your balcony is an extension of your indoor space

You should keep this in mind when you will start thinking about how can you balance the relation between your balcony and your living space. If you have a small balcony, the main idea will be to bring the outdoors in.  If you have a bigger balcony you can make it a place where you can enjoy a coffee and read a book.

  1. Start small

This will help you in building your confidence. If you start too big, you may buy a lot of plants and you will soon find out that you will need to put a lot of effort into the maintenance process.

  1. Use evergreens

If you do so, you will always see green plants, even if outside is really cold.

  1. Seasonal additions

This is another tip you should take into consideration. Depending on the season, you may find a mixture of different seeds and bulbs. You should use them in order to always have something new in your garden.

  1. No more than three colors

Never use more than three colors. You can take advantage of some different shades of one color or you can even use some contrasting colors.


  1. Same color pots

Another tip is to use same color pots. You don`t want your plants to be upstaged by the pots or containers. You should stick within one color range and keep the base view calm.

  1. Top dressing

Take advantage of the top dressings for your containers. You can choose from agricultural grit, slate pieces or even wood bark chips. By using these items, you will manage to add a finishing touch and you will also make the container to look more aesthetical. The top dressing is a great idea because the water won`t evaporate as fast as it usually do when the pot doesn`t have the dressing.

  1. Check the capacity of your balcony

You can ask an expert to come and give you information regarding the capacity your balcony can support. Usually the weakest point of a balcony is in the middle. Try to keep the heavy pots away from the middle.

  1. Bigger is better

If you know that the containers can sustain heavy loads, you can choose containers as big as they can fit in. If you choose bigger containers, this will mean that there will be more soil for the plant to use. There will be less stress on the plant and it will have the chance to grow healthy.