Unique Crystal Shape For A Small Cabin In The Woods

The architects at BIG did a wonderful job on this small cabin in the woods with a really modern look but a cozy, more traditional interior. Originally named A45 (although we definitely prefer something like “crystal cabin in the woods), this housing prototype is found in Lanesville, New York.

The cabin does offer a level of personalization, based on owner needs. According to the architects:

“The design evolves from the traditional A-frame cabin, known for its pitched roof and angled walls, which allow for easy rain run-off and simple construction. To maximize the qualities of this classic structure, A45 creates more usable floor area by taking a square base and twisting the roof 45 degrees to raise the tiny home to a soaring 13-foot height. The resulting crystal-like shape gives A45 an ever-changing appearance.”

The living area that is available is of 17 square meters, making it quite tiny. The great thing though is that the size allows really fast onsite assembly.

All modules are made out of recyclable materials and do include the walls, timber frame and sub-floor system.

What is particularly attractive is one of the sides since it is mostly made out of windows. This offers a really nice immersion into the surrounding area.

When you look inside you will most likely be attracted by the smaller details, like the wood-burning fireplace and the small kitchen.

What we particularly loved was the windows and the small bathroom, which is made out of cedar wood.  It is really beautiful and simple at the same time.