A Wonderful, Airy, White Dutch Home

We love white home designs. They always have such a great feeling and although it is definitely a huge pain to keep everything clean at all times, it is totally worth it. This interior design that we saw at My Scandinavian Home is exactly what we would envision inside a home owned by a person that loves the space. It is proof that white makes everything seem bigger and the use of natural light was perfect.

dutch house

A perfect touch of color on the walls to make everything cozier. Also, those books and small rafts add even a better touch of color.

dutch house 02

Sometimes a fireplace that is not as we normally envision it to be is a wreck in a home. This is definitely not the design we would expect. We mean, how many times did you see a white fireplace? Well, it is not really completely white and we do see the extra colors that make everything more attractive. dutch house 03

The interesting thing with the kitchen, at least for us, is the postcards that are put right up there, close to the ceiling. It is not where you would expect to see that. It is intriguing. dutch house 04

This is what we did not like of what we saw. The chairs are horrible. The picture would have been a lot better if we would have just seen the table. However, leaving the chairs aside, it is quite obvious that the overall white design makes everything look so elegant.