WTA Designs Emergency Quarantine Facilities Against COVID-19

WTA emergency quarantine facility

Hospitals from most countries of the world have a huge problem. They are close to maximum capacity. In response, numerous design and architecture companies develop alternatives to deal with the COVID-19 situation. WTA (WTA Architecture and Design Studio) joined this global effort and aims to build 60 special EQFs (Emergency Quarantine Facilities). The inspiration came from a pavilion the firm designed in 2019. As a result, a truly viable quarantine structure was created.

After taking into account the Boysen Pavilion design that was previously erected, the firm repurposed a rectilinear facility (6 meters X 26 meters) and equipped it with 2 toilets, a testing box, a shower, 15 beds, and disinfecting areas, all with the purpose of creating relief spaces. The structures are temporary, can be erected in just 5 days and can easily augment hospital capacity. They are built out of wood and fully enveloped in plastic. Replication is very simple.

The EFQ was created to limit possible cross-contamination. It was designed for both healthcare workers and patients. Airflow is downwind directed from the front to the rear so that recirculation is prevented. Drawings are now public so everyone can duplicate this facility so that response is quick.

The first structure of its kind was built for the Manila Naval Hospital. It eventually became a network of 60 EQFs in just 5 days.