Concept House That Maximizes Functionality – Villa Muurame

Villa Muurame, the concept house that you can see here, is all about the current trend noticed in minimalist interior design that focuses on practically removing everything that is not needed. Functionality is automatically increased and architect Alvar Aalto, the person responsible for this beauty, managed to create something that is simply beautiful.

Villa Muurame kitchen counter

The home was built in order to participate at the Jyvaskyla Finnish Housing Fair in 2014 but it is now featured because of the spring trend of minimalism that is quite big in 2016. Aalto showed that he was a visionary, together with the professional interior designer Johanna Salmisen.


As you look inside the home, you will find so much open social space and the chosen color palette features mostly black and white. All rooms are perfectly planned, avoiding the white cold atmosphere in many modern homes with dark grey tone being used to paint many walls.

Villa Muurame living area

We particularly loved the use of natural light, the ceiling height and the addition of the really big window walls. The surroundings automatically become a part of the interior, making everything a lot better.

Villa Muurame living area Villa Muurame couch view Villa Muurame stairs Villa Muurame first floor Villa Muurame light fixture Villa Muurame bedroom

Photographs by Krista Keltanen