Solar Battery Packs Launched By IKEA As Answer To Tesla Powerwall In UK

The solar panel offerings available from are expanding with a brand new battery storage solution that should help a homeowner cut electricity bills by up to 70%. IKEA has been offering solar panels ever since 2013 and now wants to also sell the battery packs that store sun generated power. Electrical grid reliance is thus further reduced.

The battery packs available from IKEA are working in a similar way to Powerwall batteries by Tesla. However, the IKEA option has smaller storage capacity. Even so, we are looking at the very first solar battery option of its kind that is available through a major retail chain. These battery packs were created in collaboration with Solarcentury.


IKEA claims that the homes that use solar panels but that do not have battery storage are only using around 40% of all the electricity that is gathered. Homeowners would thus miss out on some huge potential savings.

The news comes as the UK government declared that it is going to invest 246 million pounds in battery technology in the near future. In the UK solar power is quickly growing in popularity and IKEA is trying to take advantage of it.